For a long time, we have been supplying our MobileAccess Readers to our integration partner who uses third-party control units. The readers are encapsulated into specific casings in line with mBank’s brand. Thanks to our readers, thousands of employees of the fourth largest bank in Poland do not have to carry any plastic cards and only identify themselves using their mobile phones with the help of mBank’s very own user application with integrated MobileAccess function.

Our client placed great emphasis on simplicity of management of the system, trouble-free usage including identification by mobile phone, and, at the same time, easiest installation as possible. We therefore chose the most simple version of our system – IMAporter Basic which is characterized by easy installation and smart management of access rights via a mobile phone with Android. Four access points in total are protected, including the elevator. Our reader was fully integrated into the entry phone.

Our goal was to deliver a solution for management of up to 90 access points and a couple of garage doors in a total of 10 houses. We integrated our IMAporter Basic access control system with entry phones and doorbell panels. Every part was connected into one network and is managed through LAN.

In addition to common RFID tags and public transport cards, local residents can also use their mobile phones with NFC and Bluetooth as identifiers.

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