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Benefits of partnership with IMA

Partnerské ceny

Attractive dealer discounts

on IMAporter products
Školení a certifikace

Training and certification

free of charge
Plná integrace

Full integration

into existing solutions using APIs and available SDKs
Inovativní produktové portfolio

Innovative product portfolio

that is constantly developing

Course of cooperation

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Fill out the form. Afterwards, we will arrange the date of entry consultation together, at which we will negotiate the details of our cooperation.
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We will also supply you with demo sets to test our products.
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We will help you with solution design and pricing for you and your clients.
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We will arrange the delivery of the system.
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We will help you with system installation and setup either on the spot or remotely.

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About IMAporter access control systems

Here you will find system packages and demo sets that vary based on recommended number of access points and access management. You can also buy selected accesories here. If your project is more extensive, contact us. We will recommend a solution tailor-made for you.

System location

IMAporter systems are suitable for for doors, gates, turnstiles, garage doors, but also for any internal doors you want to secure. It is necessary, however, that these can be opened by an electronic impulse. In some cases, installation may require structural modifications.

IMAporter Basic

  • Suitable for up to approx. 15 access points
  • Management from mobile phone or an admin PC
  • Installation possible even without major structural modifications

Intended especially for

Sdílené bydlení


Rodinné a bytové domy

Family houses
and apartment

Menší kanceláře




Product's details

IMAporter Advanced

  • Suitable for up to approx. 50 access points
  • Management from central computer
  • Control unit allows connection of third-party readers

Intended especially for

Rodinné a bytové domy

Family houses
and apartments

Komplexy budov


Kancelářské budovy




Product's details

MobileAccess Reader

  • Universal contactless media reader allowing door opening by phone
  • Easy integration with existing control units
  • Development of own user application possible with the help of our APIs and SDK

Intended especially for

Kancelářské budovy




Fitness centra




Product's details

Management of IMAporter systems

Central control from PC

It is typical for most variants of IMAporter Basic and Advanced systems. You will need a secure PC with Windows 7 or later versions that will be connected to readers via LAN cables, USB or mobile LTE networks.

For convenient management, you will use our PC Admin application which you will receive together with your order on a USB flash drive or via a download link.

For easy addition of contactless smartcards or NFC tags, you will use a desktop ID reader/scanner. If you purchase a set of NFC tags or contactless smartcards together with our system, we may set up the identifier database for you.

Local management from mobile phone

You can also manage the access rights just from your phone. This way of managing the system is suitable especially for buildings with a lower number of secure access points. The system is set up by tapping each individual reader with your phone.

In order to manage the system from your mobile device, you will need the Mobile Admin application which you can download on Play Store for 2€.

IMAporter ID Cloud

Thanks to our system’s full integration with the ID Cloud platform, you will be able to easily create and send mobile keys to new user’s devices directly from the PC Admin application. Distribution and configuration of mobile keys according to your preferences is also possible from the ID Cloud web interface. For both, you just need a login and a password which you will receive as a part of your order.

Mobile keys are sent to new users automatically after stating the required data, via a remotely encrypted channel by QR code, e-mail or SMS.

Opening doors with IMAporter systems

Opening by phone

  1. Install the Mobile Key user application (available for free on Play Store or App Store) or your own applications using our API and SDK
  2. The administrator will register the device and set up access rights
  3. You will receive a configuration SMS and an e-mail with a QR code that you will use to securely save your mobile key on your phone
  4. Tap the reader with your mobile phone, light up the display and the door will open

What if my phone is not working?

IMAporter access control systems use NFC and Bluetooth 4.0+ technologies based on the purchased configuration. When you first start the Mobile Key user application, your phone will inform you which of these technologies are supported. Usage of the MobileAccess function requires at least one type of these technologies. Furthermore, it is necessary that the phone is operational at the time of identification. If your phone runs out of battery, you can always open the door with an RFID tag, a smart card or a physical key.

Opening with tags or cards

You will need a safe tag or smart card (MIFARE, DESFire, LEGIC) registered in the system. Hold the selected identifier near the reader and the door will open.

A big advantage of tags or cards is that they can never run out of battery. They can serve as a great backup solution or a solution for users who do not wish to use their mobile devices as means of gaining access to the building.

About MobileAccess

Instructions for installation of individual system variants can be found here:

  1. IMAporter Basic
  2. IMAporter Advanced
  3. MobileAccess Reader

If you need help with installation or integration of your system, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you.

About MobileAccess

What is the MobileAccess platform?

IMAporter MobileAccess is a unique identification system which uses mobile phones as means of identification. The user therefore does not have to be equipped with an RFID card or a tag. The MobileAccess platform is characterized by unlimited deployment capabilities – it is integrated into all IMAporter systems but can also be used with any third-party access control systems in order to enhance their functionality. The only requirement for successful implementation is the usage of MobileAccess Readers.

The MobileAccess platform consists of:

  • Mobile Access Reader
  • Userr application for identification using mobile phones with Android or iOS
  • Intuitive IMAporter ID Cloud web interface for remote management and mobile key distribution

NFC and Bluetooth 4.0+ technologies are used for identification. The reader is also compatible with contactless smartcards and MIFARE, DESFire, LEGIC etc. tags.

Individual versions of access control systems with the MobileAccess platform vary based on how access control is managed and the recommended number of access points you can secure with them.

The MobileAccess platform is fully integratable with any existing or new ID system. If you are already using an identification system from another producer; in most cases, it is possible just to replace the readers.

Information for developers

Reader features

Our smart MobileAccess Reader supports Wiegand, RS-232 and RS-485 communication protocols and uses an encrypted OSDP protocol. These universal protocols ensure compatibility with the majority of existing control units, as well as high degree of security. User identification is done by contactless 13,56Mhz media (Mifare, DESFire, LEGIC) or via a mobile device with Android/iOS.

Integration into existing systems

The MobileAccess platform allows you to easily enhance identification capabilities of existing access control systems by adding new identification options, namely via a mobile device with Android or iOS. Our Mobile Key user application can also be integrated as a feature into an existing solution using our APIs and SDKs.

Our work

MobileAccess Readers at mBank

For a long time, we have been supplying our MobileAccess Readers to our integration partner who uses third-party control units. The readers are encapsulated into specific casings in line with mBank’s brand.

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Smart ID solution managed by mobile phone in an apartment house in Prague

Our client placed great emphasis on simplicity of management of the system, trouble-free usage including identification by mobile phone, and, at the same time, easiest installation as possible.

Read more

Sophisticated access control system at Hammarby residential compound in Stockholm

Our goal was to deliver a solution for management of up to 90 access points and a couple of garage doors in a total of 10 houses. We integrated our IMAporter Basic access control system with entry phones and doorbell panels. Every part was connected into one network and is managed through LAN.

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